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Who are behind (and .nl) is a Dutch initiative by Johra Kornegoor and Tom Boom. And we are located nearby Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

We are true street art lovers and for some time actively engaged in the collection of Streetart. Where the street art in neighboring countries such as London and Berlin already are fully alive, the Netherlands is unfortunately still a bit behind. The last years it's changing here and more and more very good works pop up in the streets of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other cities and villages. Also the media gives more attention to Streetart.

To promote Streetart in the Netherlands we started this project. Now of course we wanted somewhat original! We went talking with all our connections and soon found out that artists have had ears to our concept. It seemed a good idea to them through a direct sales system and to sell works in limited editions. The artist goes to work to create a great piece of art, and then we offer exclusivity to our customers. With pride we look forward to our first sale on December the 12th in 2012.

We are in good contact with the artists so that's why we can offer artworks at an affordable price.

Besides selling street art we do much more: Painting walls, 3d streetpainting, streetcommercials, workshops, events, exhibitions, interviews, writing texts, sponsorships, commissioned works, etc.

Our goal is to make Streetart a real artform. One of our ways is by selling qualitative artworks. So keep an eye on us through all possible means of communication and be quick, because sold = sold !



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