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Which street artists are participating in the concept?

We are continuously looking for artists who want to work with us. Are you self-interested or do you know someone who wants to sell his or her work through us? Please contact us.


Ard Doko

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‘I’ve been chased down by the police…’
‘Someone pulled a gun on me…’
‘I haven fallen off roofs…’
‘Coughed up blood…’
‘Some say artists suffer for their artwork... I don’t. It’s what has kept me and my art alive.’

Ard Doko started out as a graffiti Artist in Callantsoog, The Netherlands. After a couple years of tagging he started to pick up the stencil technique as he considered it was more fun to do. His works often protest against the wars and politicians. A couple of viral pieces were the Geert Wilders clown and the Obama/Romney clowns.

In 2012 he started with mobile exhibitions, transforming the insides of trains and busses as a small gallery. He still hangs his paintings in trains for people to take with them.

Ard is worldwide represented by Vault17

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