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Which street artists are participating in the concept?

We are continuously looking for artists who want to work with us. Are you self-interested or do you know someone who wants to sell his or her work through us? Please contact us.


Bunny Brigade

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Anyone with an eye for Amsterdam street art can discover long-eared sticker art of the Bunny Brigade on lampposts, bike boxes and power houses. Also little wooden blocks with the bunny cartoons are popping up in the public places. You can find these funny bunnies especially on walls both in the Netherlands and in foreign countries. That’s why the Bunny Brigade became a well-known name. She does not just paint bunnies, but also birds, dragonflies and other animals. With acrylic paint and markers, she creates colourful cartoons on canvas of 10 x 10 cm. With several small paintings, art lovers can make a whole wall with various creatures of the Bunny Brigade.



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