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"Everybody wants to be special"


The work of the Italian artist Zed1 (Marco Buressi, Florence 1977) is characterized by a good dose of humour, a very unique visual language and a distinguish own style. His recognizable figures, use of colour and his eye for detail ensure a pleasure for every art lover.

Zed1 his two previous selling on 'streetfighter' (2013) and 'Adam Sushi' (2014) were quickly sold out. That is why we are very proud that we can now provide you our third sale 'Everybody wants to be special'. After ‘Adam sushi’, Zed1 has managed to develop himself into an esteemed, renowned and recognized artist. His works were shown during Art Basel Miami (2014) and in Turin and Tokyo Zed1 had two successful solo shows.

In ‘Everybody wants to be special’ all facets of Zed1 his art are strongly represented. His painterly technique provides a strong set of lines. Using the bright colours ensures a beautiful harmony in the picture. The image is humorous, and the title of the work, 'Everybody wants to be special ', reinforced in this case the image.

The characters of Zed1 come to life because he gives them each its own character. In this picture we see a donkey which has tied an imitation horn on his forehead, a strapon. With a brush in his hoof, he creates a white line across his cheek. The donkey does so to imitate the ravishing Unicorn. This image is enhanced by the pure and in precision details.

The title of the work refers not only to the donkey and the Unicorn, but also on us as human beings. In today's society many desire to a special existence or the ideal of a certain beauty.

Besides working on a flat surface, Zed1 loves to challenge and interact with his audience. He is well known for his second skin projects. If one looks at first glance, the artwork seems as if it relates to the actual performance. But nothing is what it seems to be… this appears to be a second layer on the artwork composed of a thin layer of paper. The second skin can be torn from the artwork by the public and a second underlying layer, a new artwork, emerges from its shell.

His last solo show in Tokyo (April 2015) was all about this 'second skin' projects.

'Everybody wants to be special' is a further development of a mural that Zed1 made during the Urban Samtidskunst event in Oslo at Sørliegata at Grønland/Tøyen (2012). If we compare the mural with the print, we see that his technique was developed further in the past two years

Zed1 in Oslo, at 0:36 you will find "The everybody wants to be special" mural.

Each print is unique. The image is the same for each print but each print is hand painted with oil paint.
* We sell the first ten works of art from the edition of 30 pieces. Zed1 takes the other prints to his own exhibitions.