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On you can buy artworks from street artists that they made especially for One time a month on Wednesday at exactly 09:00 PM CET (21:00 Amsterdam time) we will sell a new work. These works are signed and numbered incl a certificate of authenticity. Check out our shop for available works. We ship worldwide from Amsterdam!

We also deliver different worldwide street art services like painting walls, 3d streetpainting, exhibitions, events, etc. For more info see our projects page.

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Isaac Cordal


For Isaac created different sculptures from his Cement Eclipses series. We have five wonderfull monsterpacks.
These sets include one sculpture of 'Follow the leader', the signed book 'Cement Eclipses' and a beautiful signed print 'Remembrances from nature'.
Besides the sets we also sell 'American Dream', 'Businessman' and seperate prints.

Check our sale and get inspired!


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