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DUS Amsterdam

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DUS Amsterdam is a genuine street artist. Connoisseurs will describe her graffiti and street art as lively, cheerful, colorful, and here and there a good dose of humour. DUS Amsterdam is inspirited by big names like Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí. . DUS Amsterdam makes among others live paintings and murals. When she was younger she often used the word "so" (so translated in Dutch is dus), so that word became part of her brand. Her work is mainly showcased in Amsterdam and that’s why her business name DUS Amsterdam was born. DUS Amsterdam likes to work as a street artist because she always works with relaxed people and in an inspiring atmosphere. She’s often part of Tattoo exhibitions (such as Tattoo convention Amsterdam / Alkmaar / den Bosch) and Pop up streetart events. What’s really special, is that all the money she makes out of it goes straight to charity. She is known for the wall on the Damrak in Amsterdam, Dutch Streetart Exhibition Fair 2012 and Bijlmer IMC Female Hip Hop Exhibition 2012.



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