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The Spanish artist Skount Garcia (1985, Jerez de la Frontera) lives and works in Amsterdam. Skount has a varied background and therefore it is interesting to know where his unique style comes from. He began his career with making graffiti. Later on he developed a more figurative and abstract style. Next to abstract paintings he even made even constructive sculptures.

During his search for developing his own style, Skount used various mediums to reflect on; paintings, murals, sculpture but also installations and video. This very varied combination of styles and carriers has finally resulted in the creative Skount- style as we know him now.

His colourful and intriguing figures are characterized by a unique recognizable style. For example, Skount created a fancy fashion line for his figures with detailed patterns. This design is an element which is repetitive in his works. There is a great diversity in the good corresponding colours he uses. Another element which is known in Skount his works is the anonymity of his figures by letting them wear masks.His work is characterised by a spiritual philosophy in which colour and a visual language play an important role.

Skount obtains a lot of recognition for his work. In Amsterdam- East he made beautiful murals and his work is worldwide shown on the street and in various galleries.

For the Museumnight Skount, together with The Visual Brother of Krux Amsterdam studios, created the major installation 'Implosion, essence or a memory'. Ase inspiration, Skount used symbols, forms and artworks of the Old (Dutch) masters. The Starry Night (1889) of Van Gogh, Rembrandt's Jewish bride (approx. 1665- 1669) and Hieronymus Bosch are Peddler (approx. 1500) are artworks he refers to. These works are processed in his installation as part of a break in the subjective collective memory.

This memory can contain characteristics according to Skount. Characteristics to determine the nature of a 'entity'. By creating a kaleidoscopic (in fragments)vision, Skount tries to capture the essence of this ‘entity’.

For the Museumnight After-sale Skount removed the panels from this impressive installation to offer you a impressive unique artwork. Each work of art contains high quality, is hand painted and very detailed.



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