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Which street artists are participating in the concept?

We are continuously looking for artists who want to work with us. Are you self-interested or do you know someone who wants to sell his or her work through us? Please contact us.


The London Police

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The motto of The London police is to spread joy and love through pencils and stickers and this love is absorbed super well.

The London Police- creating the mural in Bazel (2015)

The London Police started out in 1998 when the two English men Chaz (1974, Amsterdam) and Bob Gibson (1977, Amsterdam) left the UK for Amsterdam. The London Police from there on took over the streets of Amsterdam with their iconic black and white characters. The happy faces which popped up on the streets gave the city a lot of positive vibe. In a couple of years (1998- 2003) the duo created more than a thousand characters on the streets. And their characters nowadays even gain more success, spread worldwide!

The work of The London Police is the result of very good trained skills. Each work is handmade, they don’t use stencils, and they show the good ability to draw perfect lines and circles. In any dimensions, shape or sizes. Whether it’s a small artwork or a massive wall, The London Police draws them flawlessly.

The London Police- Prinsengracht (Go Gallery), Amsterdam

Bob in particular is fascinated by big cities and architecture. He started creating urban panoramas in 2004 during his little break from the success of their street art collective. His fictional landscapes are filled with big buildings and urban icons. In 2005 he rejoined The London police and introduced his urban panoramas. Since then, the urban landscapes, beautiful women and the typical London Police characters are a perfect combination.

The London Police got important exhibitions on their name. One in particular is the exhibition ‘Dutch Masters: Street Art & Urban Painting’ in the Dutch Museum GEM in The Hague (2006). Other galleries in cities such as Basel, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Copenhagen, Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires and many many more also showed their work.

Specially for our expo Urban ❤️ Basel, The London Police created this unique print 'The antigravitational effect of Captain Frans Banning Cocq'. This print is an edition of 33, they're all signed by Shaz and Bob and the artwork is printed by PAHNL. The release of the print was during our opening in Basel. Now it’s your change! The background of the artwork shows the city of Amsterdam, in front we see the typical happy faces. A great collaboration between the artistic duo The London Police.

The London Police- The antigravitational effect of Captain Frans Banning Cocq


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