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Daniel Zeltner
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Daniel Zeltner Pigeon
Daniel Zeltner Pigeon


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Daniel Zeltner and his black marker are a great combination. With rough lines and a strong visual language he creates funny moments of subjects in daily life.

The works of Daniel Zeltner can be divided into two different styles. His works on paper are rough and etsy, his works on canvas and on the streets are colourful and with a lot of movement. Daniel Zeltner works and lives in Basel (Switzerland) and he started drawing and painting in 2008.

The paperwork’s of Daniel Zeltner can be seen as rough sketches of his surrounding in daily life. He always picks one moment or situation to create a subject or animal. Mostly in black and white, sometimes with Fluor colours.

Zeltner has developed a good ability to draw strong horizontal and vertical lines to create a strong image with only a black marker. His style has strongly developed the last couple of years. First his works were more basic, now they contain more details, depth and humour.
In collaboration with Fiona Bowditch (London, UK) Zeltner strengthened his drawings with quotes.

The works Zeltner creates on canvas and on the streets differ from his paper works. In 2013 he created this military airplane for Baselland.

Here we see the more painterly skills in his work and his great use of colours. This effect we also see in his canvas, for example Bird we now offer in this aftersale.

During Urban ❤️ Basel we showed several drawings and two canvasses from Zeltner. Some pieces are already sold.

In the Urban ❤️ Basel aftersale we offer you two original drawings of Daniel Zeltner and one original canvas. One of the paperwork’s is Chihuahua and the other is Pigeon. Both are unique and made with black marker, the characteristic tool of Zeltner. The canvas is part of a diptych. A cat and a bird. The cat has been sold during the event.



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