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Max Zorn
"Third Kiss"
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Max Zorn
Max Zorn
Max Zorn
Max Zorn
Max Zorn
Max Zorn


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While watching the work of Max Zorn (Germany, currently living in Amsterdam) it seems like time stands still. The snapshots, which are inspired by films from the 50s, appears to come a life. By specifically picking one moment in the image, the imagination of the viewer plays a major role. It is to him or her to complete the moment.

Dampkring Amsterdam

His work exudes warmth, tranquility and creativity. And it requires a second look to realize that this is not just art. The works are made of brown packing tape! It seems impossible to create a work of art with just brown tape, but for Max Zorn it's like painting. The works are very detailed. And only a scalpel is all he needs to cut the tape into the correct shape and to work layer by layer.

See the time-lapse below for his working process:

We wondered how Max Zorn came up with this idea, and he told us that he wanted to give a different twist to his painting career after he had completed the art academy. He started experimenting with packing tape. And this immediately worked out very well.

Foto door

The first works made were placed in the public space, namely the Amsterdam lanterns. The works were attached to the top of the lantern which in the evening, when the street lamps were lit, the image appeared. A new idea was born.

Max Zorn started his tape art career in 2011 therefore we can say that he's a really high quality artist whom devoloped himself in such a short time. He spreads his works around the world. Currently he is working in Miami at Art Basel. Besides America there were many other places to see his work like in the Netherlands, Germany, France and China. And many other countries and cities will occur in the future.

For Max Zorn has made a very complete and nicely finished artwork. A wooden lightbox which is painted outside and inside. It can be opened and you will see the beautiful image. The box is installed with ledlighting, which is really secure, including adapter. Because of it's size it's perfect in everybody's home, you can either hang it or place it where ever you love.

Again we are very excited about this work of art and the artist. It's a very cozy and beautiful artwork for the cold winter days or to give as a great Christmas present ❤

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